Our Story

Mubo Shoes was founded in the year JUNE 2017 with a simple idea in mind to give the amazing women around us the comfort they deserve!

Classic, elegant, stylish, chic, simple Mubo Shoes is an embodiment of all things that personify the woman of today.

The story of Sneha Kapoor, founder of Mubo Shoes is that of a quintessential high flying corporate achiever turned entrepreneur. A human resources professional, Sneha always had a flair for understanding the needs and desires of people. This, coupled with her undying passion for all things fashion, led to the birth of Mubo! One year on, she believes quitting her corporate job to pay attention to where her heart truly lay, was undoubtedly the best decision of her life!

Original designs, quality finishings and thoughtful touches are just a few of the qualities that set Mubo apart from the rest.

At Mubo, comfort takes precedence over everything else so, if walking in six inches heels to jazz up that outfit on your night out isn’t your idea of fun, our stylish flats & platform heels will have you covered. Our range of casual slip-ons, flats and ballerinas will also ensure that your feet are happy to go the extra mile!

The fact that all our products are animal friendly and created with utmost care and attention to detail guarantee that you will own a pair of shoes you couldn’t love more!

– Sneha Kapoor
Founder & Creative Head